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About me

Me with my painting Santa Maria della Salute that won the staff art show contest at the Seattle Art Museum

My first memories of making art involve me drawing animals that I found in books or football players on Monday Night Football that I remember watching at my grandparents house when I was about 5-6 years old. I’m sure there was some tempera or finger painting in there somewhere but I didn’t really start painting until high school when I started doing watercolors of The Beatles and landscapes from pictures I found in the stacks of National Geographic magazines we had in the art lab.


I started oil painting in college and primarily did still lifes as part of the curriculum there. After graduation I traveled to cities like Venice & Paris where the architecture and exposure to works by artists such as Manet, Velázquez & Canaletto inspired me to dedicate myself to further developing as an artist and to eventually try and make being an artist a full time profession.

I would describe my painting style as closest to that of a realist. I try to add a little bit of a “painterly” style akin to someone like a Manet but sometimes I have a hard time flipping the switch in my left-side of my brain which tells me be as lifelike and representational as possible. It is that eternal struggle between trying to be meticulous and creative that has had me sometimes go entire Presidential cycles in between being satisfied with an individual painting from start to finish.

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